Thursday, 16 December 2010

Asia Tourney Plus 2010(HK) Tourney Report

Sorry for the delay as it is hard to find internet connection at Hong Kong....

Anyway, the format use in HK is round-robin. So, it is kinda hard to play coz the game is using scoring system instead of swiss or by wins.

2:0 - 2 points
2:1 - 1 point
1:2 - 0 point
1:0 - 0.5 point
0:2 - -1 point

1st match - vs Thaiiland (Bordindej Sathitnaveskul - BF)

Game 1: He start first. After some stalling and kena some icarus, I manage to take back the lead with Caius and Chaos Sorcerer until he topped DAD and start destroying the whole world.....
Game 2: Forgot the detail. All I remember is that I keep using the Drill Warrior loop and some direct attack and until I draw Chaos Sorcerer and syn with Formula for Scrap Dragon and destroy his facedown monster and attack for the game.
Game 3: Forgot the detail as well. Remember that I sac snowman for Caius removed his Bora. Then, he summoned Blizzard and synchro for Goyo and take my Caius. After that he opened skill drain, which make my holy light useless. After received some direct damage, I call of hunted debris dragon and plan to synchro Ancient Fairy Dragon and manage to force to activate his Icarus Attack(which I predict that he will use it coz he search Icarus from Pot of Duality and at the previous turn) I discard and special summoned Quickdraw and summoned Holy Light and synchro for Turbo Warrior and attacked my Caius. At this point, both of us has pretty much use up our resource as he had only 1 hand and the only skill drain on the field and I have my last copy of my quickdraw in my hand and Turbo Warrior on the field. My life point at that time is 1300lp and he's around 5000++lp. I ended my turn. During his turn, he manage to topped DAD(WTF!!! AGAIN!!!! SIGH!!!) attack my Turbo Warrior which lead me 1000lp. I concede on the next turn coz I topped spore...

Personal Result : XOX
Team Result: OXX
Alex win against Quickdandy -0
Sam lose against Six Samurai - X
I lose against BF - X

Seriously damn emo...(I mean like WHY everytime I control the game then he manage to topped DAD and finish me....)

Match 2 - vs Korea (Sin Hyun - BF)

Game 1: I think his hand is pretty bad. He start first. Set one monster and 1 M/T zone and ended. I set Sangan and Widespread Ruins and end. He passed back to me without doing anything. I flipped Sangan and attack his facedown then he chained icarus which destroyed both my sangan and my ruins. Sangan search for quickdraw and end my turn. Next turn, he summoned Bora and direct attack. I summoned Card Trooper and destroyed his Bora and set trap hole. He summoned Shura and I trap hole him. Then, I direct using Card Trooper and set ryko. On his next turn, he summoned Sirroco and Gale then half and focus and attack my Card Trooper and syn for Stardust. At this point, he had 4 hand cards and 1 Stardust and he left 5900lp my hand have quickdraw, dandy, debris, Pot of Avarice and some random cards. I ss quickdraw by discarding dandy, syn it for Nitro Warrior and normal summoned Debris and take back dandy and syc for Ancient Fairy Dragon. Then, I activate Pot of avarice which pumped Nitro Warrior into 3800 atk and flipped ryko choose to destroy his stardust thus forced him to use stardust effect to negate it. Then, I direct attack for the game.
Game 2: Nothing much happen, all I remember is he keep trample me with his Arms Wing until I died.
Game 3: Some ruling error here(which I dont want to discuss about it) which cost my game..

Personal Result: OXX
Team Result:
Alex wins against Quickdandy - O
Sam wins against Six Samurai - O
I lose against BF - X (This Korean player like to summoned stardust... he summoned stardust every game..)

Match 3 - vs Macau (TBA - Six Samurai)

Game 1: 1 True Shein, Kizan and Warning and Magatama on his backrow. I have a monster hand. End of story.
Game 2: Forgot how I win, remember using Caius for the game.
Game 3: Seriously bad memory, forgot how i win.

Personal Result: XOO
Team Result:
Alex wins against some random standard gemini/hero deck - O
Sam wins against Lightsworn - O
I wins against Six Samurai - O

Overall Score:
MACAU -0.25

The reason that we have random 0.25..0.5 score is because of the trump card that we use. During the second round, both our team and korean team decided to use trump card which when we win. Our score will x2.25 instead x2. Of course, when you lose, your score also x2.25. Example, if I lose 0:2 while I am using trump card. My score will be -2.25 instead of -1.

Luckily, all my loses match is 1:2 instead of 0:2... Overall, my 1st 2 match gives no contribution to my team but at least I don't lose any score.

Final match - vs Taiwan (Chien Yen Jui, Money[2009 World Championship 1st runner up] - Six Samurai). This guy is unbelievable strong and funny.

Our team won the dice roll.

Game 1: I set snowman and ended. He thought my set card is either ryko or morphing jar. He summoned Kageki without using its effect and set 5 cards at M/T zone. He attack my snowman and destroy his kageki plus -1700 lp(I was lol at that time). On my turn, I draw cold wave and activate it and summoned quickdraw by discarding dandy and syn to drill warrior and I normal summoned spore and sync to formula. I direct attack using drill and formula. During main phase 2, I discard 1 hand to remove drill and then activate spore effect by removing dandy and syn with snowman to ss Black Rose Dragon and destroyed all his M/T cards. At this point, he has no card on the field nor his hand and I have a "effect removed" drill warrior and and 2 hands. He conceded during his next turn.
Game 2: He starts with 1 Gate and 1 United. At end of his turn, his field have 1 Gate, 1 set M/T, some random Kizans and Grandmaster and 5 hands. Feeling that I will lose next turn. I activate foolish burial, discard dandy then normal summoned debris dragon and sync for black rose. Before I summoned Black Rose, Yen Jui aka Money try to intimidate me by claiming that his set card is either Magatama or a Starlight Road. I ignore him and proceed summon black rose coz I will lose anyway in next turn if I don't take the risk. I successful clear his field. Next turn, he summoned kageki and kagemusha and syn for shien and ss kizan. Received a few direct damage until i left around 2000+ lp. Then, I forgot what happen but at the end I manage to search kinetic soldier using sangan but during his main phase 2, he summoned Enishi. I conceded during next turn as I have monster hand and trap stun set on the field and he have 1 true shein, kizan and enishi on the field.
Game 3 - I set Ryko. He summoned Wanghu and attack which destroy Wanghu and he set 1 M/T zone. I activate Nobleman of Extermination which removed his Chain Disappearance. Forgot what happen in the middle of game. As the game proceed to final stage, he finally activate Gate and summon Kageki and ss Kizan. I manage to destroy his Gate before he can activate it. He ss another Kizan and attack some of my random monster. During my turn, I activate cold wave and summon debris dragon which he veiler me. Next turn, he destroy my debris and pass back to me without doing anything. I set ryko and ended my turn. During his turn, he summoned another Wanghu which I destroyed with my Ryko and milled Dandy which blocked attack from kizan and kageki. At this point, my hand have spirit reaper, card trooper, and I topped Kinetic Soldier and attacked his kageki. Next turn, he topped kagemusha and he declared synchro(at this moment, Sam tell me that he just lose the match and I was like... "f**k I am going to lose too"), but Money froze for a while seaching his synchro pile. Then, he try to make me give up by saying that he will summoned Brionac bounce my kinetic and attack for the game but I know that his synchro pile does not have a Brionac since it already used by his team mates. After that, he try to reversed and take back kagemusha and kizan but it is stoped by the judge since he already declared synchro, he must ss a synchron monster which he ss Gaia. I attack his kizan and set card trooper. He passed back to me with doing anything. At the end, I flipped spirit reaper and activate glow up bulb effect and sync for arms aids the limit rebirth card trooper and with kinetic soldier I attack for the game.

Everyone is quite surprised by the match result between me and Money as he take lead at the beginning of the game until I topped Kinetic Soldier.

Personal Result: OXO
Team Result:
Alex wins against Scarp - O
Sam lose against BF - X
I wins against Six Samurai - O

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Tournament Pack Vol.15

Tournament Pack Vol. 15

12 card total
2 cards per pack
2 Normal Parallel Rare
10 Common

TP15-JP001 X-Saber Palomlo [Parallel]
TP15-JP002 X-Saber Passiul [Parallel]
TP15-JP003 Petit Angel [Common]
TP15-JP004 Kagemusha of the Blue Flame [Common]
TP15-JP005 Mystical Sheep #2 [Common]
TP15-JP006 Enchanting Mermaid [Common]
TP15-JP007 Monster Eye [Common]
TP15-JP008 Fusionist [Common]
TP15-JP009 Rare Fish [Common]
TP15-JP010 Multiply [Common]
TP15-JP011 Silver Bow And Arrow [Common]
TP15-JP012 White Hole [Common]

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Tag Force 5 Order Start Now!

Release Date: 16th of September 2010
System: PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Genre: Competitive Card Game
Price: RM250(UMD included) or RM225(UMD excluded)
Promotion: 2nd Layer Transparent Card Sleeve(worth RM35) + Tag Froce 5(UMD excluded) for only RM250

TF05-JP001 Fleur Synchron [Ultra Rare]
LIGHT/Machine - Tuner/2/400/200
If this card is used as a Synchro Material Monster for a Synchro Summon and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 Level 2 or lower monster from your hand.

TF05-JP002 Fleur de Chevalier [Ultra Rare]
WIND/Warrior - Synchro - Effect/8/2700/2300
"Fleur Synchron" + 1 or more non-Tuner monster
Activate when your opponent activates a Magic or Trap Card. Negate the activation and destroy the card. You can only use this effect once during your turn.

TF05-JP003 Liberation [Ultra Rare]
Normal Trap Card
Activate when a monster on your side of the field is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard. Select two face-up Monster on the field and return them to their owner's deck.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

DP10 Yusei Pack and DP11 Crow Pack Pre Order Starts Now

As stated above, those who interested, pls add me at msn: or you can send me an e-mail as well.

Release Date: 16th of October 2010
Price: RM110
Pre-Order Price: RM100
Promotion: 2nd Layer Transparent Card Sleeve (worth RM35) + DP10 or DP11 for only RM115

5 cards per pack, 15 packs per box

Features 30 cards:
- 2 Ultra Rare cards
- 4 Super Rare cards
- 7 Rare cards
- 17 Normal cards
(Also included in each pack is one of ten different Strategy Cards.)

DP10-JP002 Shield Wing

DP10-JP011 Guardian of the Stronghold

DP10-JP012 Boost Warrior
FIRE/Warrior - Effect/1/300/200
If you control a face-up Tuner, you can Special Summon this card from your hand in face-up Defense Position. While this card is face-up on the field, all face-up Warrior-Type monsters you control gain 300 ATK.

DP10-JP013 Justice Bringer [Ultra Rare]
EARTH/Warrior - Effect/4/1700/0
Activate when the effect of a monster your opponent controls that was Special Summoned is activated. Negate that activation. This effect can oly be used once per turn.

DP10-JP014 Brai Synchron [Ultra Rare]
EARTH/Machine - Tuner/4/1500/1100
If this card is sent to the Graveyard as Synchro Material for a Synchro Summon, until the End Phase of this turn, the Synchro Monster this card was used as Synchro Material Monster for gains 600 ATK and has its effect(s) negated.

DP10-JP015 Big One Warrior
LIGHT/Warrior - Effect/1/100/600
During your Main Phase, activate by sending 1 Level 1 Monster except this card from your hand to the Graveyard. Special Summon this card from your hand.

「波動竜騎士 ドラゴエクィテス」
DP10-JP016 Surging Dragon Knight, Dragoequites

DP10-JP017 Savior Star Dragon [Rare]

DP10-JP018 Drill Warrior [Rare]

DP10-JP023 Battle Waltz
Normal Magic Card
Activate by selecting 1 face-up Synchro Monster you control. Special Summon 1 "Waltz Token" to your field, that has the same Type, Attribute, Level, ATK and DEF as that monster. Battle Damage to either player from a battle involving this Token is reduced to 0.

DP10-JP024 Synchro Gift
Normal Magic Card
Activate by selecting 1 face-up Synchro Monster and 1 Non-Synchro-Monster you control. Until the End Phase of this turn, the ATK of the selected Synchro Monster becomes 0, and the other selected monster gains ATK equal to the Synchro Monster's original ATK.

DP10-JP025 Starlight Road

DP10-JP029 Cards for One's Life at Risk
Normal Trap Card
If the combined ATK of 2 or more face-up Attack Position monster you control is lower than the ATK of the 1 strongest face-up Attack Position monster your opponent controls, draw 2 cards. During the turn you activated this card, you cannot Normal Summon, Flip Summon or Special Summon nor change Battle Positions.

DP10-JP030 Synchro Material
Normal Trap Card
Activate by selecting 1 face-up Monster your opponent controls. If you Synchro Summon during this turn, you can use the selected monster as Synchro Material. During the turn you activated this card, you cannot perfom your Battle Phase.

DP11-JP001 Black Feather - Gale the Hurricane [Rare]

DP11-JP002 Black Feather - Blast the Black Spear [Rare]

DP11-JP0(??) Black Feather - Blizzard the North Pole

DP11-JP0(??) Black Feather - Shura the Blue Flame [Rare]

DP11-JP010 Black Feather - Kochi the Daybreak [Rare]
DARK/Bird - Tuner/4/700/1500
If this card was Special Summoned, it cannot be used as a Synchro Material Monster.

DP11-JP011 Black Feather - Jet the Azure Sky [Ultra Rare]
DARK/Bird - Effect/1/100/800
Activate by sending this card from your hand to your Graveyard during Battle Damage Calculation. A "Black Feather" monster you control is not destroyed by that battle.

DP11-JP012 Black Feather - Zephyros the Elite [Ultra Rare]
DARK/Bird - Effect/4/1600/1000
If this card is in your Graveyard, activate by returning 1 card you control to your hand. Special Summon this card from your Graveyard, and inflict 400 Damage to your Life Points. The effect of "Black Feather - Zephyros the Elite" can only be used once per duel.

DP11-JP013 Black Feather - Armored Wing

DP11-JP014 Black Feather - Arms Wing [Rare]

DP11-JP015 Black Feather - Silverwind the Isolated Rare

DP11-JP016 Black-Feather Dragon

DP11-JP017 Feather Wind Attack

DP11-JP029 Black-Feathered Guidance
Normal Trap Card
Activate when you take Damage from a card effect. Special Summon 1 Level 4 or higher "Black Feather" monster from your hand.

DP11-JP030 Black Return
Normal Trap Card
When you successfully Special Summon 1 "Black Feather" monster, activate by selecting 1 face-up monster your opponent controls. Gain Life Points equal to the selected monster's ATK and return that monster to its owner's hand.

Monday, 20 September 2010

19/09/2010 KFC Tourney Report

1st - Karl (BF)
2nd - Amirul (Gigavis)
3rd - Zen Pei (BF)
4th - Ah Siang (Machina)

5th - 8th :-

- Teck Zen (Lightlord/sworn)
- Pak Lim (BF)
- Tung Kim Sing (Flambell BF)
- Lee Chun Wooi (Lightlord/sworn)

A total 22 ppl join the tourney.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sungai Wang Official Team Tourney 26/09/10

Date: 26/09/10

Time: 12pm -5pm

Venue: Gamers Arena, The Roof Top (Six Floor)Jalan Sultan Ismail,50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Registration Fee: FREE

Tournament Format: TBC


1st Prize - Accommodation to top 8 seats in Official Team Tourney on November.
2nd Prize - Asia 2010 Official Playmat x3
3rd Prize - Asia 2010 Official Deck Box x3

Rules and Regulation:-
1. Only Konami original Asia English and Japanese cards are allowed.
2. A deck must be at least 40-60 cards , extra deck 0-15, participants with extra deck and side deck must use the same type of card protector.
3. A match has a time limit of 45 minutes, if participants come to a draw after the time limit, a sudden death match take place.
4.The September 2010 ban list is being used in the tournament
5. The judges decisions is final.
6. Other rules and regulations (if any) will be announced on the day of the tournament.
7. If you have any inquires, please call 603–2142 5330 or 603-21415330

Team Tournament Rules and Regulation:-
1. The team leader must decide the order of his team mates before the tournament start.
2. The team leader reserves the right to have time out(one minute) while the match is still running. During time out, both teams must not be less than 1 foot away from the table and is prohibited to touch any object on the table. Teams are allowed to talk freely during time out.
3. Teams cannot have any form of communication while the match is in progress.
4. This tournament strictly forbiddens participants to make any loud noise or intercept during the opponents' turn. Offenders will be warned.
5. Team members that have finished with their match's have to stay quiet to be in their seats while waiting for his/her teammates to finish the match.
6. If any teams have any questions (regarding ruling, etc...etc), they can raise up their hands. The judges will assist you immediately.
7. This tournament does not allow the use of any form of communication equipment.
8. Teams that fail to follow the rules stated above will receive a warning. Teams that receive 2 warnings will be declared defeat instantly.

Team Tournament Extra Rules:-
1. A team must consist of 3 people, in which one of them will be the team leader.
2. The game system is that, if two (out of three) of the same team members have won their match, the team wins that match. Teams must start at the same time and the time limit for each match is 45 minutes.
3. Team members cannot lend cards to each other. Each of the team members must have their own decklist.
4. Each team share only one banlist.
5. If participants use a few version of cards in his/her deck. The back pattern of the card sleeve must be solid color to avoid any cheats.
6. As stated above, the judges decision is FINAL. There is no compromising after the judges have decided.
7.Any extra rules and regulation will be announce on the tournament day.

Please come and support.

P/S: Promos and Duel Terminal Cards are not allowed in this tournament.

18/09/10 Sungai Wang Tourney Report

1st - Yick Wong (Hero Beat)
2nd - Shin Tat (Some random Synchron deck)
3rd - Bao Liang (Machina)
4th - Amirul (Gigavis)
5th - Gan Tze Foong (Gigavis)
6th - LGQ (X-Saber)
7th - Ah Lim (QuickDraw)
8th - HD Lam (Flambell)