Thursday, 30 September 2010

Tournament Pack Vol.15

Tournament Pack Vol. 15

12 card total
2 cards per pack
2 Normal Parallel Rare
10 Common

TP15-JP001 X-Saber Palomlo [Parallel]
TP15-JP002 X-Saber Passiul [Parallel]
TP15-JP003 Petit Angel [Common]
TP15-JP004 Kagemusha of the Blue Flame [Common]
TP15-JP005 Mystical Sheep #2 [Common]
TP15-JP006 Enchanting Mermaid [Common]
TP15-JP007 Monster Eye [Common]
TP15-JP008 Fusionist [Common]
TP15-JP009 Rare Fish [Common]
TP15-JP010 Multiply [Common]
TP15-JP011 Silver Bow And Arrow [Common]
TP15-JP012 White Hole [Common]

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