Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Kepong Tourney 30/05/2010

Venue : Kepong Food Court , 91B CROSS STREET KEPONG 52000 KUALA LUMPUR

Time : 12 PM ( Register time at 11AM )

Prize :
1th - Duelist Genesis 1 box , SD18 structure deck 1 box , Black Rose Dragon 1 pcs

2nd - YSD5 structure deck 1 box , Duelist card sleeve protector ( 5Ds Red Crimson sleeve) 1 pack , Red Demon Dragon 1 pcs

3rd - Yugioh GX 7 included promo card , Yugioh Deck Box

4th - 10 pack of 601 booster pack

5th - 5 pack of 601 booster pack

Entry Fee : RM15/RM10 for early bird and all contestants will get a coupon during enter the tournament .

Regulation rules
All version of card can be use as long r original by following latest Banlist
Players are unable to change deck during the tournament n will be DQ if we found u change deck
35 minutes are the time for 1 round in swiss game
Organizer reserve the rights to change the prize in anytime without notice of contestants

Sungai Wang Tourney 23/05/10

Date: 23/05/10

Time: 12-5

Venue: Gamers Arena, The Roof Top (Six Floor)Jalan Sultan Ismail,50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Registration Fee: RM10, RM15 on the Tourney Day.

Tournament Format: TBC, normally it would be 5 swiss round, and top 4 will be chosen to have an elimination match

Price Pool:

Sin Red Eye x1
Sin Stardust x1
Sin Blue Eye x1
Sin Truth Dragon x1

Rules and Regulation:-
1. Only Konami original Asia English and Japanese card are allowed.
2. Limit to 34 participants (depend on number of participants, prize for the tournament will be adjust, organizer have the right to change the prize without notices.)
3. A deck must be at least 40-60 , extra deck 0-15, participant's extra deck, side deck and deck must be using the same type of card protector.
4. A match is 40 minutes time limit, if there is no winner after the time limit, a sudden death match will be occur.
5. Tournament is using the march 2010 ban list.
6. Judge decision is final.
7. Any extra rules and regulations will be announcement on that day.
8. Any inquiries, please dial 603–2142 5330/603-21415330