Friday, 11 September 2009

Banlist 01/09/09 – Comment

Though it’s kind of late for me to update (its 10 days already since the 1/09/09 banlist). Here is some of my random thought regarding the banlist.

New banned:-
As usual, konami did not plan to kill certain deck. Instead, their plan to slow it. I kind of like this banlist. It’s like last time.

Monster Reborn – Expected, this card is way to strong, it also can special summon monster from opponent graveyard. You don’t want your monster your monster is on your side of opponent field , do you?

Dark Strike Fighter – 90% of the metagame is using this card to win a match. Limited this card will not affect this card because you only need one DSF to win a match. With this card banned, FTK is no longer possible in this metagame.

Card of the Safe Return – Expected, there is many card that can be special summon from graveyard (Example : Level Stealer, Limit Rebirth, etc..etc).

New unbanned:-

Call of the Hunted – Looks like konami plan to bring this card in return of banning Monster Reborn.

Blackwing – Gale of Hurricane – Expected, this card is way to strong. Consider as 1 of the most powerful tuner beside zombie carrier.

One for one – Expected, there is much useful level 1 monster in this metagame such as level stealer, phychic tuner, and treeborn frog and etc…etc.

Lab Development – Expected, when combo this card with mind master……….

Rescue Cat – Expected, rescue synchron have been dominated the metagame since the last half year.

Summon Priest – Same as above.

Mind Control – This card is way too crazy with synchron. It makes opponent loses monster and you gain monster at the same times.

Solemn Judgement – I did not expect this card will be limited. Maybe it suffers from overuse.

Cold Wave – Same as above, this card is suffering from overuse.

Demise, King of Armageddon – Donno why konami limited this card. Maybe it suffers from overuse by player. Hm…..

Black Rose Dragon – Same as above.


Mezuki – Didn’t expect this card coming. I wonder why konami semi-limit this card. Expect zombie dominate the next half year.

Bottomless Trap Hole – Again, like solemn judgement, this card is suffered from overuse as well.

Dulauren, Tiger King of Ice Boundary – Finally, no more frog OTK and Seal of Heritage nonsense.

Lonefire Blossom – Same as above, no more Seal of Heritage nonsense.

Chaos Sorcerer – This card is slow, though it’s powerful. No people play it anymore. So konami semi-limited hoping more people paying it.

No longer restricted:-

Breaker, the Magical Warrior – Not many people play this card these days.

Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest – After the errata, this card is rubbish……..No one play it anymore.

Destiny Draw – I donno why it’s semi-restricted in the first place….

Fissure – Yay, finally can play 3 fissure.

D.D Warrior Lady – Expect some light beatdown deck for this half of year.

Raiza the Storm Monach – No one care anymore whether this card is restricted anymore. But, I expect monach deck will coming back to this metagame.

Ok, like the previous banlist. Konami plan to slow certain of OTK deck. OTK is still possible, but not to imba and fast. I understand why Konami did not restricted Judgement Dragon coz extra pack 2 is coming (konami wants to make good fortunee from it’s). That all from me. Until then, play smart don’t play hard.

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