Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Kepong Tourney 30/05/2010

Venue : Kepong Food Court , 91B CROSS STREET KEPONG 52000 KUALA LUMPUR

Time : 12 PM ( Register time at 11AM )

Prize :
1th - Duelist Genesis 1 box , SD18 structure deck 1 box , Black Rose Dragon 1 pcs

2nd - YSD5 structure deck 1 box , Duelist card sleeve protector ( 5Ds Red Crimson sleeve) 1 pack , Red Demon Dragon 1 pcs

3rd - Yugioh GX 7 included promo card , Yugioh Deck Box

4th - 10 pack of 601 booster pack

5th - 5 pack of 601 booster pack

Entry Fee : RM15/RM10 for early bird and all contestants will get a coupon during enter the tournament .

Regulation rules
All version of card can be use as long r original by following latest Banlist
Players are unable to change deck during the tournament n will be DQ if we found u change deck
35 minutes are the time for 1 round in swiss game
Organizer reserve the rights to change the prize in anytime without notice of contestants

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