Friday, 13 August 2010

Sungai Wang Team Tourney 15/08/10

3ppl team tourney.

Date: 15/08/10

Time: 1pm - 6pm. Registration starts at 12pm

Venue: Gamers Arena, The Roof Top (Six Floor)Jalan Sultan Ismail,50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Registration Fee: RM60 per team (RM20 per ppl).

Tournament Format: 5 swiss round, and top 4 will be chosen to have an elimination match.

1st Prize - 1 box of STBL
2rd Prize - 15 packs of Gold Series 2010
3rd Prize - WJMP-JP015 Machine Wisel Infinity x3
4th Prize - 3 packs of transparent card sleeve.

Rules and Regulation:-
1. Only Konami original Asia English and Japanese card are allowed (You can use Korean card but dont make it look so obvious.)
2. A deck must be at least 40-60 , extra deck 0-15, participant's extra deck, side deck and deck must be using the same type of card protector.
3. A match is 40 minutes time limit, if there is no winner after the time limit, a sudden death match will be occur.
4. Tournament is using the march 2010 ban list.
5. Judge decision is final.
6. Any extra rules and regulations will be announcement on that day.
7. Any inquiries, please dial 012-6064288/Karl.
8. Limit for 10 -12 teams
9. The tournament format is using advance rule.

Pls come and support.

Differences between advance and standard rule.

Standard - Each team share 1 banlist and cannot exceed 3 copies of each card.. (Meaning if your teammates having a big storm, you cannot put another copy of big storm and if you teammates put 3 dimensional prison in his deck, other teammates cannot put additional dimensional prison.

Advance - Each person 1 banlist. (Meaning if you teammates put big storm, you can put it as well.)

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