Monday, 23 November 2009

Asia Touney Report 22/11/09

Hi guys, sorry for the late post. I been very busy lately. Well this is my tournament report. I lost in 1st round....sob...sob....

Deck use : Twilight

Total Duelist Participate: Around 150++

Tournament Format: Single Elimination.

Round 1: vs BF Twilight.

His deck is kinda weird. It is combination of GY BF and Twilight deck and his deck size is 47......

Match 1:

Me start 1st. I draw 1 lumina, 1 charge, 1 JD and 3 Wulf (Yes, 3 Wulf). I am like....WTF!!!!!!!!. Then, activate charge (discarded 1 lyla, 1 chaos socerer and 1 Battle Fader in process) take Garoth and summon lumina and use its effect to special summon Garoth and declare end turn. Then, he activate solar recharge by discard Garoth and draw two and discard 1 Wulf and 1 JD. Then, he sacrificed Wulf for Celestia destroying my lumina and Garoth and discard Wulf again!!!!!!!! So, both direct attack I left 3600 lp. Then I manage to stall for few turn at the end he kill me by using 1 JD and 1 arms wing.

Match 2:

Me start 1st. This my cards is much more better. My hand: 1 beckoning light, 2 charge, 1 solar recharge, 1 DD Crow. So, I activate charge take lumina and activate charge again take garoth (discard 1 wulf in process). Then I activate recharge(discard wulf) draw 1 JD and I forgot the another. Then, I summon lumina and special summon Garoth, set beckoning light and end turn(no draw card). Opponent oso activate recharge and just set one monster card and end turn. So, my I draw celestia then sacrifice garoth for celestia destroy his face down monster(btw, that face down card is Ryko). Then activate beckoning light, take back JD and special summon it and I win.

Match 3:

He start 1st. He just set one card and end turn. My hand got 1 JD, 2 recharge, 1 lumina, 1 ryko, 1 Dark Arms and I draw another JD (I was like...YES This time I confirm win this time). So, I activate recharge(discard Ryko) and draw lyla and ehren and discard chaos sorcerer and battle fader. Then, I thought that face down is either gadna or ryko so I decided to use ehren to test. I summon ehren and my suprice its a morphing jar. OMG!!!!! that bloody jar discards my godly hand and I draw all crap.....then I stall and stall until he summon JD and I died...

I was speechless at that time.

P/S: I did not draw or discard honest and gadna these 3 match...

Well that all from me today.


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finally =.= we die together la

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