Monday, 14 December 2009

Kepong Tourney (13/12/09) Report.

Hi, this is the result from this tourney:-

1st - Lightsworn

2nd - Some random synchron deck ( I'm tell you, this guy is damn lucky, all opponent that play with him have bad hand)

3rd - Starlight DD G.B

4rd - G.B

Here is my tournament report.

Deck Use: DD Eatos

1st Match: vs Lightsworn 00

Game 1 : Forgot liau, just remember that I control till end.

Game 2 : Remember that I bribe his storm starlight his judgement.

2nd Match: vs Lightsworn 00

Game 1 : Same like match 1, control till end.

Game 2 : He use Nobleman of Extermination on my starlight road!!!!!!!!!! but still i can control him using cosmos till end.

Then go to top8

3rd Match: vs Lightsworn (Again...) X0X

Game 1 : He start 1st. He manage to summon 3 LS monster(2 Lumina and 1 Garoth) on the field but I manage to control him later. Then got one turn he synchron summon brionac and turn the whole table around.

Game 2 : As usual, control till end.

Game 3 : I set 4 face down and M/T zone. Then he summon lyla, activate effect destroy my starlight then he big storm me and that cost my match. I was speechless at that time.......

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遊戲王休閒村 said...

2nd is royal opp mix synchro deck~~
sot sot 1