Monday, 21 December 2009

Ojama Village Tourney (20/11/09) Report

Hi guys, this is the reports for the tourney today.

1st - Teck Jen (Lightsworn)

2nd - Me (D.D Eatos)

3rd - Micheal Yap (Gravekepper)

Well, since there is limited amount time. The organizer skip the top 8 and take the result from 5 match swiss.

Match 1 : vs Lighhtsworn (Teck Jen) 0xx

Game 1 - He start 1st but I think he got very bad hand. He only set one monster card then end his turn. My hand got skill drain and dual spark and a few trap and 1 E-call. Afraid the set card is Ryko (but its actually gadna). So, i summon another neos and set all my trap then end. He pass back his turn without doing anything. After that, I control till end.

Game 2 - He start 1st, same thing happen, he set one each at monster and spell/trap zone and end turn. My turn, my hand got 1 starlight, 1 cosmos, 2 prison, 1 babaros, 1 skilldrain. So, I summon babaros and set all 5 trap then end and at that time he activate royal decree. He splash all the thing to me.

Game 3 - Make a mistake when he use dust tornado and I forgot to bribe him. He got 2 light of charge at his hand. I would win if I bribe him coz he does have anything to do after that.

Match 2 : BF (some Malay guy [sorry I forgot your name le]) 00

Game 1 - He start 1st . Forgot how to win liau. I just remember that got one turn 1 starlight his
his icarus then that coz his game.

Game 2 - Epic way to win. He big storm then 1 chain starlight road, then he chain icarus and I chain it back another copy of starlight road. Which at the end of the chain I have 2 stardust at field and I control until end. XD

Match 3 - Lightsworn ( forgot younames oso) xoo

Game 1 - Just remember he OTK me with using 1 mist wurm, 2 wulf and 1 J.D

Game 2 - I draw cosmos and some random trap. Remember that I control till end.

Game 3 - Same as game 2. I activate Dimensional Fissure with prevent him from using Honest.

Match 4 - G.B (Kah Fai) oo

Game 1 - I control him with skill drain.

Game 2 - He start 1st, he set one monster then end turn. I didn't draw any monster and I draw 2 copies of starlight somemore.......then I set all 4 trap and 1 book of moon. Then he big storm, and I activate starlight road and special summon stardust dragon but I kena prison for the next turn. Then he summon bestari, and special summon test tiger and activate test tiger effect target bestari and I chain him book of moon. Then he contact and I starlight him again and he got nothing do. I control till end.

Match 5 - Some random magician burn deck ( a child [ forgot his name] I'm telling you he has godluck). xoo

Game 1 - He start 1st. He using Royal Magical Library activate a bunch a magic card and at the end. He set 3 magical explosion and that cost my match(its only first turn).

Game 2 - Manage to draw skill drain and prevent him from using Royal Magical Library effect.

Game 3 - Same , but this time I use Light imprison Mirror to negate his Royal Magical Library effect.

Well, that all from today.

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