Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Sungai Wang Touney 25/09/10

Date: 25/09/10
Time: 1pm - 6pm

Venue: Gamers Arena, The Roof Top (Six Floor)Jalan Sultan Ismail,50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Registration Fee: early bird RM15, touney day RM20

Tournament Format: TBC (depend on the number of the participants).


1st and 2nd Prize - 2 item from the prize pool + 3rd Layer Card Sleeve 80pcs (colour of your choice).
3rd and 4th Price - 1 item from the price pool

Prize Pool:-

Extra Pack 3 (box) x1
Scrap Twin Dragon (Ultra) x1
BF Armored Master (Ultra) x1
Ultimate Psychicker(Super) x1
Burei, Karakuri Shogun (Ultra) x1
Mental Sphere Demon (Ultra) x1
3rd Layer Card Sleeve x1 (colour of your choice)

Special Gift:-
Player that using the most original and creative deck on that day will receive a special gift.

Lucky Draw:-
Player that register early bird will entitle a lucky draw.

Rules and Regulation:-
1. You can use any version of YuGiOh! as long as it is original.
2. A deck must be at least 40-60 , extra deck 0-15, participant's extra deck, side deck and deck must be using the same type of card protector.
3. A match is 40 minutes time limit, if there is no winner after the time limit, a sudden death match will be occur.
4. Tournament is using september 2010 banlist.
5. Judge decision is final.
6. Any extra rules and regulations will be announcement on that day.
7. Any inquiries, please dial 012-6064288/Karl.
8. There is 34 limit for participants. So, first come first serve.
9. Organizer reserved right to change the prize without prior notice. (dun worry though, I won't change the prize unless it is necessary)
10. If participant is more than expected on that day. I will upgrade the prize.

Pls come and support.

P/S: Player that want to register now, pls PM me your following detail:-

- Full Name
- Contact Number
- Duelist ID (Optional)

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